UFFL Life and Learning Conference 2022

Thirty-Second Annual Conference
"Life and Learning XXXII"

Attacks on Human Life: Recent Crises & the Long View

Coming June 10-11, 2022

Rupert and Timothy Smith Award Lecture

O. Carter Snead, J.D.
Professor of Law & Concurrent Professor of Political Science & Director, de Nicola Center for Ethics & Culture at University of Notre Dame, Indiana

Kenote Speakers

Vincent Phillip Muñoz, Ph.D.
Tocqueville Associate Professor of Political Science & Associate Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame and Founding Director of the Center for Citizenship and Constitutional Governmenttalk

Teresa Stanton Collett, J.D.
Professor, University of St. Thomas Law School and its Prolife Center's Founding Director; American Law Institute Elected Member

John O'Callaghan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame; Director, Jacques Maritain Center; Permanent Member, Pontifical Academy of Thomas Aquinas; ACPA President 2012-13.

Specialist Panels:

Dobbs v Jackson Amici Briefs (organizer Richard Myers, J.D.);
Book panel on O. Carter Snead's What It Means to be Human (organizer RM Lemmons, Ph.D.),
other specialist panels TBA (would be organizers please contact rmlemmons@stthomas.edu)

Call For Proposals

Please consider submitting an abstract for our upcoming conference at the University of Notre Dame. Abstracts on Legal, political, cultural, philosophical, spiritual, psychological, social, biological, medical, historical, and economic analyses of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia as well as prolife remedies and pedagogies are welcome as always.

The deadline for priority consideration of proposals is January 22, 2022.
All proposals should be one page (maximum) including the proposed paper’s working title, full contact information and a brief abstract. Email proposals to Professor Barbara Freres at bjfreres@stritch.edu. Excellent conference papers are eligible for publication in our peer-reviewed proceedings, Journal of Life and Learning. For more information see www.uffl.org.

Registration and Housing

Register with the University of Notre Dame's McGrath Institute for Church Life - https://mcgrath.nd.edu. Links for registration will be posted when available.
Conference begins 1:00 pm Friday, June 10th; ends Saturday evening.


New members are most welcome and can join online.