Life and Learning XII - 2002






Social and Political Questions


“Respect for the Individual: The Foundation of Law”

Richard Stith                                                                       5


“Wrong Turn: How the Campaign to Liberate Women

Has Betrayed the Culture of Life”

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese                                                     11


“Cloning and Reproductive Liberty”

Francis J. Beckwith                                                            23


“The Median Voter Principle and Advancing

the Culture of Life”

John Pisciotta                                                                    63


“A Defense of the Neglected Rhetorical Strategy (NRS)”

David C. Reardon                                                              77



Neo-Natal Questions


“The Moral Dilemma of Management Procedures

for Ectopic Pregnancy”

Kelly Bowring                                                                    97


“Fetal Pain Legislation: Is It Viable?”

Teresa Stanton Collett                                                       127





Philosophical Perspectives


“Delayed Animation: An Ambiguity and Its Abuses”

John J. Conley, S.J.                                                          159


“I Was Once a Fetus: That is Why Abortion is Wrong”

Alexander R. Pruss                                                           169



The Life Issues and the Academy


“Duhemian and Augustinian Science and the Crisis

in Non-Empirical Knowledge”

J. P. Moreland                                                                 185


“Academic Perceptions of Abortion: A Review of Humanities Scholarship Produced within the Academy”

Jeff Koloze                                                                      209



Questions of Theology and Spirituality


“Catholic Appropriation of Biblical Perspectives

Regarding Abortion”

William S. Kurz, S.J.                                                         237


“Spiritual Responses to the Regulation of Birth:

A Historical Comparison”

Richard J. Fehring and Elizabeth McGraw                         265


“We Are a People of Life: Opportunities and

Challenges for the Pro-Life Parish”

Patricia F. Sherrod                                                          285


“Thoughts towards a Clarification

of Section #73 of Humanae Vitae

Damian P. Fedoryka                                                        311


“The Sanctity of Fertility and Coition and its Impact on Contraception, Abortion, and the New Birth Technologies”

Mark Lowery                                                                   333


“The Influence of Therapeutic Culture on

Abortion Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court”

Thomas W. Strahan                                                          355


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Social and Political Questions







Neo-Natal Questions












Philosophical  Perspectives








The Life-Issues and the Academy







Questions of Theology and Spirituality