Life and Learning XIII - 2003 - Table of Contents






Legal Questions


Reflections on “Looking Back on Planned Parenthood v. Casey

Richard S. Myers                                                                 3


A New Assault on Conscience

John J. Conley, S.J.                                                            21



Perspectives from Psychology and Social Science


Abortion and Family Formation: Circumstance or Culture?

D. Paul Sullins                                                                  31


Hijacking Healing: Pro-Abortion Response to Post-Abortion Stress

Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy                                                       57


Post-Abortion Aftermath: Treatment or Care?

Marcella Colbert                                                                75



Perspectives from Art and Literature


The Interrelated Defense of Abortion and Pornography

in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale

Anne Barbeau Gardiner                                                      87


Abortion and Rap Music: A Literary Study of the Lyrics of Representative Rap Songs

Jeff Koloze                                                                      103





Theological Perspectives


An Analysis of the Majority Report (“Responsible

Parenthood”) and its Recommendations on Abortion,

Sterilization, and Contraception

Richard J. Fehring                                                           121


“To Be as God”:  Scriptural Links between Abortion and Natural Family Planning

William S. Kurz, S.J.                                                         147



Philosophical Perspectives


Making the Best Argument for Unborn Life: Understanding the Racist and Sexist Assumptions of Abortion

Ben Voth                                                                         173


Pro-Choice “Personhood”: An Abortive Concept

Andrew J. Peach                                                              187


Is the Fetus a Fetish?

Bernadette Waterman Ward                                               211


Thirty Years of Roe. v. Wade

Wanda Franz                                                                   223



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