UFL Life and Learning Conference XX

All articles linked below are available in .pdf format.


Healthcare Reform: A Pro-Life Perspective and a Pro-Life Response
William L. Saunders
The Constitutional Right Not to Participate in Abortions: Roe, Casey, and the Fourteenth Amendment Rights of Healthcare Providers
Mark L. Rienzi
Threats to the Protection of Conscience in Catholic Health Care
Leonard J. Nelson, III
A Comment on “The Constitutional Law and Politics of Reproductive Rights”
Richard S. Myers
Strange Bedfellows: Fr. John A. Ryan and the Minimum Wage Movement
J. Daniel Hammond
The Will to Live
Wanda Franz and Burke Balch
Toward a Pro-Life Environmental Movement
Lucia A. Silecchia
Abortion Sex: Gay Rights as an Anti-Life Movement
D. Paul Sullins
The “Lion of Munster” Rampant, or the Triumph of Classical Rhetoric: Bishop Clemens von Galen’s Sermon against Hitler’s “Euthanasia” Program
Francis Zapatka
Epistemology and Abortion: A Fresh Look
James G. Hanink
Vulnerability, Dependence, and Abortion: A Reply to J.J. Thomson
G. J. Coulter
Brain Life and the Argument from Potential: Affirming the Ontological Status of Human Embryos and Fetuses
Jason Eberl
Literary Analysis of Abortion in the Short Story "Explosions" by Mo Yan of the People’s Republic of China
Jeff Koloze
My Seminar on Abortion at New York University
Evelyn Birge Vitz
Methods and Resources for Teaching Bioethics to Nurses
Barbara Freres