UFL Life and Learning Conference XXI

All articles linked below are available in .pdf format.


Legal Perspectives
The San Jose Articles and an International Right to Abortion
William L. Saunders, Esq.
Anti-Choice: When Having a Choice Diminishes Family Solidarity
Richard Stith
Philosophical Perspectives
The Role of Metaphysics and Theology in the Contemporary Pro-Life Debate
Kimberly Zenarolla Henkel
"Some One, from the Start": Arguments for Personal Humanity
James G. Hanink
Daniel Maguire's Sacred Choices: Method and Content
Christopher M. Carr
Distinguishing Secular and Theological Justifications of the First Amendment: Implications for Pro-Life Legislation
Eric Manchester
Literary and Cultural Perspectives
Contemporary Jewish Fiction on Abortion: Ethical Considerations from Various Responsa and their Absence in Recent Jewish-American Fiction
Jeff Koloze
The American Experience of Abortion: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Denise Mackura
We Are All Gods
Charles K. Bellinger
Medical and Scientific Perspectives
Cryopreserved Embryos and Dignitas Personae: Another Option?
Patrick A. Tully
The World Health Organization
Andrew Essig
Toward a More Pro-life Campus: Insights from Attitude Research
Nicholas DiFonzo
The Influence of Contraception on Abortion among Women of Reproductive Age in the United States
Richard J. Fehring
Moral Perspectives
"Vital Conflicts" and the Catholic Magisterial Tradition
Kevin L. Flannery, S.J.
A Revised Analysis of the "Phoenix Abortion Case"" and a Critique of New Natural Law Intentionality
Thomas Berg
"Vital Conflicts" and the Catholic Magisterial Tradition A Case for Equal Basic Rights for All Human Beings, Born and Unborn: A Response to Critics of The Ethics of Abortion
Christopher Kaczor