UFL Life and Learning Conference XXII

All articles linked below are available in .pdf format.


Legal Perspectives
How Pro-Life Moral Principles Have Been Nurtured in the Mormon Faith Community
Lynn D. Wardle
Reflections on the Twentieth Anniversary of Planned Parenthood v. Casey
Richard S. Myers
Cultural Perspectives
Culture of Life, Culture of Marriage: Examining the Linkages
William C. Duncan
The Abolition of Chattel Abortion
Cynthia Hallen
René Girard and the History of Rights Language
Charles K. Bellinger
A Hidden Agenda? The Politics of Abortion under a Majority Conservative Canadian Government
William Mathie
Latino Literature on the Life Issues: Commentary on Tato Laviera's "Jesús Papote," Judith Ortiz Cofer's "Silent Dancing," and Bella
Jeff Koloze
Scientific And Medical Perspectives
The Influence of Contraception on Abortion among Women of Reproductive Age in the United States
Richard J. Fehring