UFL Life and Learning Conference XXIX

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Joseph W. Koterski, S.J
“Precious in the Eyes of the Lord is the Death of his Holy Ones”: A Theology of Holy Saturday for a Culture of Life
Matthew Sutton
The “Culture of Death” as a “Structure of Sin”
Kevin E. Miller
Professing the Gift of Life: Responding to Requests for Genetic Testing in Early Pregnancy
Kevin E. Miller
On Pope Francis and the Consistent Life Ethic
Barbara Freres
Be Compassionate as your Father is Compassionate: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Compassion
Marek Duran
Attitudes Towards People with Disabilities in the Gospels
Michael S. Donahou
Brain Death: From Mistaken Assumptions to Legal Fiction and a Threat to the Living
R. Mary Hayden Lemmons
The Importance of Philosophical Arguments for the Reality of the Spiritual Soul in Prolife Work
Peter J. Colosi
Life Issues and Disability in Light of the Christian Humanism of Saint John Paul II
Jeffrey Tranzillo
Piety and a Marriage Open to Life
Mathew Lu
The Disabled in Locke and Aquinas: Impediments to Economic Liberty or Contributors to the Economy of Salvation?
Eric Manchester
A Twenty-Year History (1958-1978) of Contraception and Abortion as Experienced by the Catholic Medical Association
Richard J. Fehring
The Influence of Religiosity and Contraception on the Likelihood of Abortion among Reproductive Age Women
Richard J. Fehring
Critical Disability Studies and Fiction on the Right-to-Life Issues: Carlos Fuentes’s Christopher Unborn, Lois Lowry’s The Giver, and the Million Dollar Baby Franchise
Jeff Koloze
“Them There Sort”: The Disabled in the Fiction of Flannery O’Connor
Bernadette Waterman Ward
My Daddy’s Name is Victor: The Suffering of Frankenstein and Lab-Created Children
David Deavel
Liberty Finds No Refuge: The Doubt-Filled Future of Casey’s Undue Burden Standard
Thomas J. Molony
Comments Delivered upon the Reception of the 2019 Smith Award
Tom Cavanaugh