UFL Life and Learning Conference XXVII

All articles linked below are available in .pdf format.


Joseph W. Koterski, S.J
Toward a Universally Engaging Pro-Life Rhetoric
Robert J. Spitzer, S.J.
The Bible and Bioethics: From Timeless Truths to Timely Applications
Ryan C. MacPherson
Having a Rational Nature as the Basis for Being a Subject of Rights
Patrick Lee
Is Speciesism Like Racism and Sexism?
M. T. Lu
Are Brains Needed for Fetal Subjectivity?
Nathan Metzger
Medical Ethics and the Externalization of Agency
Heidi Giebel
Crimes of Inaction: Death by Neglect in George Eliot's Novels
Bernadette Waterman Ward
Right-to-Life Issues in Contemporary Bioethics Fiction
Jeff Koloze
The Boundaries of Identity: Will Justice Neil Gorsuch Vote "Pro-Life" on Abortion Issues?
Lynn D. Wardle
Overruling Roe v. Wade: The Implications for Women and the Law
Paul Benjamin Linton
A Catholic Contribution to the Right to Life: An Analysis of Abortion Jurisprudence in the United States and Poland
Rachana Chhin
Influence of Current Contraceptive Use on the Abortion and Sexually Transmitted Disease Rates among Adolescents and Young Adults in the United States
Richard J. Fehring, Ph.D., R.N., Thomas Bouchard, M.D., and Maria Meyers, M.D.
The Brain-Dead Body Is Alive, One, and Human: A Response to Maureen Condic and Other Proponents of Brain Death
Michel Accad, M.D
"Brain Death" Is a Mendacity
Paul A. Byrne, M.D.
Understanding the Apnea Test: Procedure with a Predetermined Purpose
Christine M. Zainer, M.D. and Paul A. Byrne, M.D.
Men's Mental Health and Abortion: A Review of the Research
Catherine T. Coyle and Vincent M. Rue