Long Island Chapter of UFL

Text: Dr. Gilroy´s tribute: "Dr. Donald A. Doyle: A Tribute to a Defender of the Catholic Faith." (Word.doc format)

Mission: The Long Island Chapter shares the mission of UFL, which was founded to promote research, dialog, and publication among faculty members who respect the value of human life at every stage of development. We consider topics like abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia too important to be resolved by shouting, news-bites, or slogans. Because we believe the evidence is on our side, we would like to assure a hearing for our views in the academic community.
Recognizing that life issues have many dimensions-political, social, legal, medical, biological, psychological, ethical, and religious-we do not have a detailed statement of orthodoxy. Instead, we provide an inter-disciplinary forum in which scholars can discuss these issues.
We believe that the media frequently present pro-life people unfairly and hope our presence will change that image. We also believe academicians united on these issues can encourage others to speak out in their own schools and communities.
Membership: The Long Island Chapter of University Faculty for Life invites current or former full- or part-time faculty from colleges or universities who are interested in promoting respect for human life at every stage of development to join our organization. For application forms or further information, call Dr. Jane Gilroy (retired) at (516) 379-5409 or e-mail jgilroy [at] molloy [dot] edu